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Indianapolis didn’t always own the Colts. Their history is eventful. It’s been a rocky road and one of extraordinary success and countless playoff appearances. 

Free Indianapolis Colts Coloring Pages

The franchise, which has moved between Maryland and Indiana, has allowed the discovery of many talents, such as Don Shula or Peyton Manning. 

Between the controversial move to Indianapolis and the early success of a team that became a legend for its performance and not its extra-sporting affairs. Here is the long history of the Baltimore Colts first and then Indianapolis.

In 1953, Carroll Rosenbloom led Baltimore owners to take over an NFL franchise: the Baltimore Colts. The Colts played their first season in Baltimore in 1953. 

The team finishes with three wins and nine losses under Keith Molesworth. The franchise did not reach the playoffs until 1957. 

However, with new coach Weeb Ewbank and quarterback Johnny Unitas, the Colts finished at 9-3 in 1958 and reached the NFL finals for the first time. 

The Colts faced the New York Giants. A game that is considered one of the greatest in professional soccer history. The Giants win 23-17 after overtime.

After the first playoffs, the team finished with the same record in 1959 and faced the Giants again in the NFL final. The Colts did not return to the playoffs until the arrival of young Don Shula. 

In 1968, the Colts returned with the help of Unitas and Shula and won the right to go to Super Bowl III. They were upset by the young Jets, who won the game 16-7. 

The game’s result is surprising for American media because the Jets are very young and inexperienced.

Then, the Colts agreed to join the American Football Conference during the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. With coach Don McCafferty, the Colts were productive and reached the playoffs. 

The franchise won the first post-merger Super Bowl over the Dallas Cowboys by 16-13. Then the Colts return to the playoffs and lose to the Miami Dolphins in the AFC conference game. 

Rosenbloom traded the franchise to Robert Irsay in 1972 for the Los Angeles Rams. The team spent nine consecutive losing seasons, beginning in 1978. The Colts finished with zero wins, eight losses, one tie in 1982, seven wins, and nine losses in 1983.

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