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Curling is a team sport where technique, strategy, and tactics are fundamental factors in winning the game: here are some curiosities about curling, a sport also commonly called “chess on ice”.

Free Curling Coloring Pages 

Curling is a typical winter team sport in which the players play on the ice with heavy, polished granite stones, equipped with a handle. 

It divided into two teams, slide these stones across the ice to a target area, called the “home”, marked by three concentric rings.

The two teams is consisting of four players. They throw the stones in turn with an effect called curl, thanks to which the stone travels a curved trajectory. 

Each team has eight throws per game interval, called end, where each player throws two stones. The game aims to accumulate, during the game, a higher score than the opponent. 

Points are scored based on the number of stones closest to the center of the house after each hand. A hand is completed when both teams have thrown all their stones. A game may consist of ten or eight hands.

The curving trajectory can be further influenced by the action of curling brooms, which are used to rub the surface of the ice in front of the stone by altering its characteristics. 

Strategy and teamwork determine the ideal path and placement of the stone in each throw; the team’s task is to ensure that the stone arrives at the desired location. Because of the strategy and tactics applied, this sport is nicknamed “chess on ice”.

It is assumed that curling was invented in medieval Scotland with very ancient origins. The first written reference to competition with stones on the ice comes from the records of Paisley Abbey, in Renfrewshire, dated February 1541.

In the past, stones were flat-bottomed river stones, sometimes indented or irregularly shaped. Players, unlike today, had little control over the stone and relied more on luck than skill or strategy. 

Curling has been an official sport of the Winter Olympic Games since the 1998 edition. In 2002, the International Olympic Committee retroactively decreed that the competition played at the 1924 Winter Olympics would be considered an official Olympic discipline and no longer a demonstration event. 

Thus, the first Olympic medals in curling, which was called Openair, were awarded at the I Winter Olympic Games held in Chamonix.

The World Curling Federation’s playing rules describe the curling playing surface. The field is an ice surface carefully prepared to be as flat and level as possible. 

Because of the elongated shape, several courts can be placed side-by-side in the same area, allowing more than one game to co-occur.

The ice can be natural but is generally frozen by a serpentine refrigeration system, which pumps a salt solution through numerous pipes attached longitudinally to the bottom of a water surface.

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