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Today, you will find intricate coloring pages here. The following images below are ready to print. So, prepare your printer, then color them as you like. Happy coloring.  

Intricate is the adjective word. It is used to qualify that which is convoluted, diffuse, or thorny. Intricate, therefore, is unclear.

Free Intricate Coloring Pages

We can see the example sentence “A trail through a nature reserve”. It can be described as intricate when it is neither linear nor flat. Such a trail has multiple turns, ascends, and descends depending on the stretch and requires crossing various obstacles, such as streams, hills, etc.

Take the case of a man who wishes to obtain authorization to market his craft beer. To get this permit, he must first fill out a form and submit it to the Bromatology Office of the Ministry of Health. 

Once this step has been completed, he must contact them by telephone and request an appointment for an inspector to visit his production plant and study the environment and the beer in question. 

If the inspector approves the product, the manufacturer must take the document certifying the approval to the Secretariat of Production and register its establishment. 

Finally, the Secretariat of Production must send by mail two certified certificates that the entrepreneur must display in his production plant and the commercialization premises. 

As can be seen, the process is quite intricate, as it cannot be solved in just a few steps. The word intricate is not often used in popular parlance, but instead, other terms such as confusing or complicated are used. 

Let’s see below more of the various synonyms we can resort to replacing in our speech: convoluted, tangled, difficult, tangled, messy, scabrous, and jumbled. Two of its most common antonyms are the following: simple and clear.

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