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This page offers you a collection of psychedelic coloring pages. Make your imagination be reality. Please use your color to make them happen. 

The psychedelic state is a movement that appeared in the middle of the ’60s, parallel to the hippy movement. 

Psychedelic Coloring Pages

The term psychedelic dates from the 50s, following an exchange between the psychiatrist H. Osmond and Aldous Huxley.

That movement is inseparable from the appearance at the same time of hallucinogenic psychotropics, such as LSD. 

Psychedelic is an artistic manifestation that seeks to represent the psychedelic experience obtained by consuming psychedelic drugs. They can be mescaline, which is present in peyotes; psilocybin in hallucinogenic mushrooms; and LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide).

The consumption of all these substances was promoted mainly in the 1960s, when LSD began to be marketed to treat mental problems and to carry out mind control programs, such as the MK-Ultra project).

Even so, people continued consuming these substances and creating an aesthetic from these experiences of altered consciousness, linked to the search for a spiritual sense of life.

Thus, psychedelic expressions can be found in different artistic and design disciplines and advertisements. These are psychedelic music, psychedelic painting, psychedelic posters, psychedelic clothing, psychedelic cinema, etc. 

Among the main characteristics of psychedelics in the visual arts are saturated, bright, high-contrast colors; fractal and kaleidoscopic patterns; introduction of entoptic phenomena such as phosphenes; composition from the fisheye lens; and myodesopsias; presentation and superimposition of different objects in the form of collage; excessive detail and stylization of things; and optical illusions.

In the visual arts, the rise of psychedelic expressions is linked to printing techniques, replacing lithography with offset printing. Thus, there was a tendency towards the use of metallic plates, photographic collages, and more saturated and, in some cases, fluorescent inks. 

As a way of showing the possibilities acquired, illustrations and posters with full spectra became popular with all the colors of the rainbow. 

Nowadays, psychedelic effects can be created using software, which facilitates their creation. 

In the sixties, the psychedelic aesthetics was strongest in San Francisco, where the bands were advertised with psychedelic posters full of colors, shapes, and strong contrasts.

In music, the main characteristics of psychedelia are:

  • The effects of repetition and reverberation.
  • The use of non-Western styles and rhythms, mainly Asian.
  • Surreal and esoteric lyrics.
  • Extended instrumental solos.
  • The use of electronic instruments and synthesizers.
  • A preference for studio effects such as loops, phasing, backmasking, and panning. 

Despite their great success during the 1960s, linked to the popularity of the counterculture, psychedelic expressions fell into decline towards the end of the 1960s. 

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