Funny Guinea Pig Coloring Pages Pdf

Do you think guinea pigs are so cute? Or maybe you have a guinea pig at home? Guinea pigs are some of the cutest pets around, so we’ve gathered some funny guinea pig coloring pages for you here. 

Will you color one guinea pig? Coloring the Guinea Pig is also great fun! Guinea Pigs often have white, brown, or black fur. But if you want to give it another color, you can do that too! 

Free Guinea Pig Coloring Pages

A Guinea pig is a small rodent belonging to the family of Canidae. The term guinea pig refers to a whole genus of mammals, which includes many different species.

Even though when we talk about guinea pigs, we usually refer to the most common species, the guinea pig porcellus or domestic guinea pig. 

Very common as pets, guinea pigs are shy and quiet animals with a very docile and submissive character. They bite or attack very rarely and only if forced. 

Males are slightly larger than females and can measure up to twenty-five centimeters and weigh up to one and a half pounds. They have stocky bodies, with short legs, equipped with nails. 

Guinea pigs have no tail. For all rodents, Teeth grow continuously to compensate for the wear and tear due to the chewing of food. 

Guinea pigs have twenty teeth, two upper and two lower incisors, three upper and lower premolars, and a molar on each side. Vibrissae are present on the snout, which have a tactile function. 

The ears are large and rounded. The upper lip is divided in two. The subdivision of the various species is made according to the type and length of the hair. 

Among the most common species is the English guinea pig, which has short hair of about four centimeters (four inches).

Also, the Abyssinian guinea pig can be recognized for its hair characterized by tufts, also called ‘roses’, and the Peruvian guinea pig, which has a long coat-like one of Persian cats with a coat of about fifteen centimeters (six inches). 

There are also guinea pigs that result from crossings of the main species, such as the specimens with medium hair, called Abyruvian, resulting from the intersection between Abyssinian and Peruvian guinea pigs. 

The coat can be one color, two colors, or more. The basic shades are black, white, and brown. The guinea pig is a strictly herbivorous animal and feeds on herbs, roots, fruits, and seeds in the wild. 

In the wild, it lives in herds within which there is a rigid hierarchical structure, with a dominant male that builds a harem and does not tolerate the sexual activity of other males. 

At home, it needs the company of its peers or, in any case, caressed and looked after often by its master. The guinea pig lives an average of four years, but if well cared for, it can even reach six or seven years.

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