Fantastic Holiday Coloring Pages Pdf to Print

These holiday coloring pages will get all the kids excited about fun activities. From the very youngest to the oldest, these coloring pages will not disappoint.

These Holiday coloring pages can be printed and given to your child for an immediate craft project. When they’re done coloring, you can hang the coloring pages around the house for decoration.

Free Holiday Coloring Pages

Being on vacation is, in fact, an opportunity to introduce some “discontinuity”, move away from the habits allowing the mind to “feed”, recharge, avoiding the “overheating” often generated by the impending commitments and all the stimuli from which we are bombarded daily.

At the same time, there is the risk that accustomed to living without taking a breath. We organize trips and stays in ways very similar to those of our usual “office” repertoire.

A small example? The suitcase. Some build endless lists to be ticked off with each piece of the puzzle promptly inserted (an operation often carried out with the extreme anxiety of forgetting something!).

Some instead are reduced to the last minute, finding themselves like thieves emptying drawers in search of something suitable to take with them, with the feeling that the minutes slip by as quickly as grains of sand between their fingers.

Another example? Here’s a very common vignette:

  • A vacation in a couple, one of them likes to sleep in in the morning.
  • The other one is eager to visit places.
  • For this reason, he always sets the alarm clock before going to bed.

A few days and the quarrel breaks out, a race to see who is adapting more.

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