Fabulous Mario Odyssey Coloring Pages Pdf

Mario is a character in Nintendo video games; he has appeared in hundreds of titles of various kinds, almost all of great success. More than 200 million video games with Mario as protagonist have been sold. 

Please choose the images you want to print here. Then, color them as you like. These printable Mario Odyssey coloring pages are free of charge. So, happy coloring.

Free Mario Odyssey Coloring Pages

The new adventure of the most famous plumber of video games is reaching its cooking point with an effective recipe and some very delectable ingredients that make many already predict a creative success at the height of ‘Breath of the Wild’. 

So much positivist hype is what it has, but it is undeniable that seen repeatedly in its presentation trailer, the sensations are not misguided.

Super Mario Odyssey already has a reserved space within the demanding commercial strategy of Nintendo Switch. 

After ‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’, ‘ARMS’ and ‘Splatoon 2’ the mustachioed protagonist of our addicted childhood, will land in the final stretch of the year to prove that his formula still has a long life and that we are still eager to live his adventures.

For a change, Mario will have to rescue Peach from the hungry claws of Bowser. The most beaten-up villain in history wants to go one step further in this installment and, without hesitation, decides to marry the princess. Great idea, yes. Marriage is going to be what ends up destroying Bowser, you’ll see.

With such a scenario, we can not stand idly by, and therefore, we will embark on a journey through places never seen in the franchise thanks to our aircraft, the nice flying hat that will allow us to move between worlds to restore order.

As usual in the saga, mastering Mario’s new skills will be critical to overcome the levels. In ‘Odyssey’ the gameplay will be total and in addition to the classic triple jump, the dry fall, or the gliding landing.

Also, we will be able to roll in the purest Sonic style and (watch out, here is the crux) use our new hat as a boomerang or reach farther places.

As if that were not enough, the environment will also be part of our list of moves. Using the hood of a car as a trampoline, dancing with a watering can, jumping rope with strangers, or climbing lampposts as if there were no tomorrow will make the scenarios a recreation at the height of the Nintendo seal. 

It is convenient to explore everything around us to get the most out of the true essence of Super Mario, that which has been so well adapted by ‘The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild’: having fun just by moving the character.

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