Free Printable Pug Coloring Pages

Do you like coloring? It’s fun and stresses relieving, and now you have done it with Pugs? It would help if you tried it, so we leave you some Pug coloring pages below.

You can illuminate them as the standard colors of the breed, light fawn pug, apricot pug, silver pug, or black pug, so your pug drawings will have a more realistic touch.

Pug Coloring Pages

Although their origin is uncertain, pug dogs are thought to have originated in China, where flat-nosed dogs have always been appreciated. 

Through Indian companies, this breed arrived in the Netherlands and was highly appreciated by royalty. Later, they traveled to the United Kingdom, where the lineage still preserved today originates.

Pug or pug dogs are characterized by their short and compact body, which gives them a plump and square appearance. Despite being small dogs, they are pretty muscular, weighing between 6 and 8 kilograms.

Among the characteristics of pug dogs, the short and flattened muzzle stands out. On it, there are very peculiar wrinkles that give them a worried expression. 

It is also due to their eyes, which are very large, dark, and sweet, and their ears, small and limp.

Another specific character of this breed is its tail, which curls over its hips when the animal is at rest. As for its coat, it is pretty short and smooth, with a soft and velvety texture. 

It can be of various colors, including fawn, apricot yellow, and silver-gray, with a black muzzle and ears.

Pug dogs make delightful companions, as they have a very balanced character. This means that it is sporadic for them to have behavioral problems. 

They are amiable and affectionate animals who enjoy human company very much. For this reason, they do not like to be alone, so they should not live with people who spend a lot of time away from home.

Although they are pretty lively and playful dogs, they cannot do much physical exercise due to their anatomical characteristics. However, they enjoy doing activities related to intelligence, as they are pretty eloquent dogs.

Pugs are extraordinary animals that require a lot of attention, so you should have a lot of free time if you want to adopt one of them. 

Due to their particular physical characteristics, they have a low tolerance to exercise and a certain tendency to suffer from respiratory diseases, such as tracheal collapse. 

Therefore, although they are pretty active animals, they should be moderately active.

Due to their limitations when it comes to sport, they have a certain tendency to become overweight. Therefore, it is essential to watch the amount of food they eat. 

They can also develop skin diseases due to the wrinkles on their face. It is vital to clean them regularly and brush their fur, which is also part of the pug’s primary care.

Finally, as with any breed, pug or pug dogs must have their vaccinations and deworm in order. If you are going to adopt a puppy or adult pug or already live with one of them, you must make regular visits to a veterinarian. 

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