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Llama is known as the animal that spits. The llama belongs to the family of camelids, just like the camel and the dromedary. But few characteristics unite it to these specimens.

Today, you can have fun with these animals by coloring our free llama coloring pages. Would you mind using your favorite color to make them live? Happy Coloring.

Free Llama Coloring Pages

The llama is much more similar to other South American camelids: first of all, the alpaca with which it is often confused. 

As we will see, however, there are some differences between llamas and alpacas: minimal from an aesthetic point of view but a little more critical as far as character is concerned.

At one time, llamas were used for many purposes: as pack animals and therefore for transporting goods and people and their meat and wool, even though less valuable and soft than alpacas. 

Today these camelids are increasingly used to protect livestock and keep away possible predators.

The llama is a large animal, and its aspect is very similar to that of the alpaca. Compared to this other camelid, it is a little bigger and has a more elongated head. 

Its weight can reach 150 kg, and it is because of the physical characteristics that it has been used as a pack animal since ancient times. 

The llama can carry a load of almost 100 kg and can go practically anywhere, reaching altitudes of 5,000 meters! This camelid measures little more than 1 meter in height at the withers, and its ears are pointed, usually pointing inwards. 

The entire body is covered with a thick and relatively soft fur from which wool is obtained and can have colors ranging from white to black. Some specimens are covered with reddish spots.

The llama has a docile and tame character, more pleasant than the alpaca but still rather shy. 

It is very patient and submissive: it is a pack animal, and it is much less intelligent than its alpaca cousin. 

When it feels in danger, the llama spits: this is its defense weapon, and it is precisely this that it uses when it is in difficulty or predators try to attack the livestock it is protecting. 

However, it should be pointed out that this camelid does not limit itself to spitting: it can also emit screams and bite with its triangular teeth.

Llama-where-livesThe llama is native to South America and is widespread, especially in Peru, where it finds its ideal habitat. 

It is an animal that lives well in mountainous areas or on the plateaus, where temperatures are excellent, and it can find large quantities of grasses. 

Today llamas are also bred in other parts of the world because they quickly adapt to habitats different from their own, but they need a certain altitude to live well in all cases. 

Llama is a herbivorous animal: it feeds on vegetables and eats about 1 kg every day.

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