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A forest is a relatively sizeable wooded area consisting of one or more stands of trees, shrubs and bushes (fruticae), and other associated native plants. 

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The definitions of the term “forest” are numerous depending on the latitudes and use. Depending on its size, a small woodland area is called a wood, a grove, or a forest.

“forest” refers to a large expanse of uncultivated land where trees grow naturally and constitute the dominant vegetation. In its most common expression, the forest is an uneven-aged formation composed of naturally arranged tall trees.

The term came from the Latin foras fuori, or forests or forasticus, and was referred to by the Romans as “outside” the city.

The intrinsic meaning of forest partially overlaps with that of “woodland”. However, there is no real ecological differentiation between the two terms.

From the structural point of view, the forest provides a vertical stratification that recognizes: one or more tree levels, one or more shrub levels, and a herbaceous level, although sometimes there are also a lianose, an epiphytic, and a musical group. 

In the boundless forests of the Amazon, the different levels of trees that follow one another in height cause very efficient filtering of light radiation (less than 2% of the light that hits the canopy reaches the ground), determining an almost complete absence of herbaceous undergrowth.

Different types of forests can follow one another according to altitude. In terms of conservation, great importance is attributed to the so-called “old-growth forests”.

It was characterized by trees of high age and imposing dimensions, complex structural articulation, significant amounts of standing or landed necromass, and an overall level of biodiversity very high.

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