Free Printable Dressage Coloring Pages Pdf

Are you looking for a fun dressage coloring page? Here you are, right! We have collected many beautiful pictures of Dressage to download / print and color.

Dressage is when a horse (or any other animal of the equine line) goes from being a wild animal to becoming a specimen that a human being can ride.

Free Dressage Coloring Pages

From my point of view, horse training, in its broadest sense, is the “education” given to a horse so that it executes without resistance the requests of its rider in such a way that the movements they perform together are harmonious and expressive.

Because it is not just a method but goes beyond, natural horsemanship is an interaction based on respect and the desire for the welfare of these animals. Knowledge of the horse’s behavior in its habitat is the cornerstone.

Natural horsemanship is the understanding of the behavior and functioning of the horse in its natural state and the application of this understanding in Dressage, which favors its cooperation and welfare. 

There are different types: classical Dressage, cowboy dressage, American western, natural Dressage, among others. Every kind of Dressage has its traditional methods, evolving towards more rational and non-violent procedures.

Download Dressage Coloring Pages Pdf