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Free Atlanta Falcons Coloring Pages

Atlanta Falcons is a professional club in the United States that participates in the National Football League. Its first owner and creator is businessman Rankin Smith. 

He obtained a franchise from the American Football League in 1965, and he wanted to expand his influence in Atlanta. 

However, his rival, the National Football League, took the initiative, so Smith abandoned the previous agreement and bought the team for $ 8.5 million on June 30.

Following a contest, one team received its nickname on Aug. 29, 1965. Julia Elliott, a teacher from Griffin, was chosen from among many people who suggested “Falcons” as a nickname for the new franchise. She wrote an essay, “The Falcon is proud and dignified, with great courage and fight. It never lets its prey down”.

In the late 1990s, the club had a cultural fad – The Dirty Bird. At first, “The Dirty Bird” was the name of Jamal Anderson’s touch dance. Over time, the nickname “The Dirty Bird” stuck with the team and became the basis for its official fan song.

Wordmark – “Atlanta Falcons.” It was represented in italics with stylized “A” and “F” in 1966-1998. The nickname is spelled with even symbols with squiggles after the rebranding. 

The concept remained the same: the city (Atlanta) – lowercase, the team (Falcons) – capital. This is a distinctive feature of Mark Verlander’s work.

Rankin Smith continued to manage the team’s day-to-day operations until 1990, when he turned over control of the team to his son Taylor Smith, who sold the Atlanta Falcons to businessman Arthur Blank. The new owner purchased the franchise in February 2002 for $545 million.

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