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In 1967, the Denver Nuggets Club was founded in Denver, Colorado. At the very beginning, the team was called Denver Rockets. It performed in the ABA (American Basketball Association).

On the other, the team was also founded here. There are Denver Nuggets coloring pages you can get. Choose your desired images below and color them as you like. Have fun!

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The Nuggets managed to stay in the NBL for the season. After the merger between NBL and BAA, they played in the formed NBA. Soon the team was disbanded, and Silver State lost the basketball event for many years.

In 1967, a group of businessmen led by James Trindl agreed with George Maikan (the new commissioner of the ABA) to revive the team in Denver under the ambiguous name of Denver Larks. 

Due to financing problems, Trindle was forced to sell 2/3 of the shares to Bill Ringsby, the owner of Rocket Truck Lines, a big transportation company.

Becoming the majority shareholder, Ringsby initiated name changes for the team. In this way, the ridiculous “larks” replaced the menacing “rockets.” 

The Denver Rockets have made the playoffs five times in the seven years of its existence. But they did not become champions.

In 1972, the club again had new owners. The merger of the ABA and NBA, under which there could be no clubs of the same name in the future Association, was gaining momentum. 

Denver had to change its name again since the Houston Rockets were already playing in the NBA. The team did not do anything special: in the 1974/75 season, the Denver Nuggets, who returned to the ashes, entered the season.

The team’s name refers to the 1950s of the 19th century, the time when gold deposits were discovered in the state of Colorado. 

In the world, Colorado is known, above all, as the most sought-after place for gold seekers. 

In the middle of the 19th century, crowds of immigrants rushed here, trying to get rich as soon as possible. 

The gold rush became one of the prerequisites for the formation of the state of Colorado. Hence Nuggets, the team’s nickname, comes from “Nugget of Gold”.

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