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Colorado Rockies is an American club of professional baseball players. It was created in 1993. It is a representative of the Western Division of the National League. 

While here, you can find Colorado Rockies coloring pages. All images are ready to print. So prepare your colors and make them colorful. Have fun.

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It is part of the MLB structure, where it has been playing since 2000, located in Denver, Colorado. They are named after the Rocky Mountains. 

The Rocky Mountains are a mountain range system whose highest peak is Mount Elbert, located in Denver, Colorado, and measures 4,401 meters. Divisions and Playoffs.

In their first two seasons, the Rockies played at Mile High Stadium before moving to Coors Field in 1995. Their current stadium has a capacity of just over 50,000 people. 

During its construction, dinosaur fossils were found, so the name “Jurassic Park” was considered, but the name of the Colorado-based brewing company (Coors) was chosen. 

However, due to the fossils found, a dinosaur was selected as the Rockies’ mascot called “Dinger”.

Some people say simplicity is best, while others opt for sophistication. Perhaps that’s why even fashion varies because one person will opt for a simple black dress while another will have a dress that incorporates other embellishments. 

That taste is also evident in baseball teams when they design their logos. The Colorado Rockies logo went from being something that seemed to be all over the place to using just two letters, plain and simple. 

They haven’t undergone as many changes as other baseball teams since their inception 28 years ago. Here’s a detailed look at the logo history of this National League club member.

The history of the Colorado Rockies dates back to 1991, when Michael I. Monus and John Antonucci obtained a franchise to represent Denver. 

The current logo consists of “C” and “R”. The first letter of the monogram indicates the state where the franchise is based, the second, its name. 

The elements are arranged vertically and intertwined: the upper sign is behind the lower one. All other details (baseball and the trace of its flight, mountains, club name) are absent in this version. The emphasis is on simplicity and rigor.

The bottom “C” is represented in the semicircular opening “R”. Both letters are done in the classic font and painted in silver with a purple tint. A broad black line is drawn around the border.

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