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Buffalo Bills is a professional American soccer team that participates in the American Football Conference East division. 

Free Buffalo Bills Coloring Pages 

Buffalo Bills began playing like a franchise of the American Football League in 1960, but the club joined the National Football League following the AFL-NFL merger for the 1970 season.

The club’s first owner was Ralph Wilson. Lamar Hunt, the founder of the AFL, approached him about joining the major league and gave him a list of 6 cities. 

He chose Buffalo – attorney Paul Crotty negotiated a deal with Buffalo’s Civic Stadium, giving Wilson complete control of the venue and a steep discount on rent.

Fans wanted to name the new franchise after the former AAC Bills, who merged with the Cleveland Browns in 1950. Ralph Wilson supported the idea. 

The former team of the same name was named after the famous Buffalo Bills quartet, called after showman and hunter William Frederick Cody. He earned the nickname by killing 4,280 buffalo in eighteen months.

Ralph Wilson passed away in 2014. Terrence Pegula and his wife Kim became the owners of the soccer club. They bought the franchise for $1.4 billion on Oct. 10.

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