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No NBA team has traveled across states and cities as much as the Atlanta Hawks, one of the oldest in the league. The Hawks were founded in 1946 in the NBL and were called the Buffalo Bisons. 

Free Atlanta Hawks Coloring Pages 

Before the New Year, the team flew out of Buffalo in the first season, landed in Illinois, and was named the Black Hawks.

More specifically, the club was called the Tri-Cities Black Hawks. Tri-Cities means a region of three cities. They are about three small settlements on the Illinois-Iowa border. 

They were named Black Hawks for the same reason as their NHL namesake – in honor of the Indian chief, who took his tribe on the warpath in the mid-19th century.

Tri-Cities became one of the few clubs to survive their league. The NBL, where teams like Indianapolis Kautskys played, merged with the Basketball Association of America in 1949, creating the NBA. 

However, the Black Hawks did not stay in Illinois and, in 1951, moved north. Being in Wisconsin, the agricultural state, the leaders realized that the name of the formidable leader was out of place, and they reduced the name of the club to Milwaukee Hawks. 

However, the second experiment also failed, and within four years, the Hawks moved to St. Louis, where they stayed the name and began playing in a red-white-and-blue uniform. 

The design of the uniform was different: sometimes, the team played with the image of the hawks or St. Louis on their chest. 

In St. Louis, the club went through 13 seasons and even became the NBA champion, but they decided to change the license again. It was supposed to be the last move. 

So, in 1968, the Hawks moved to Atlanta, where the team still plays today. The team does not have a championship title, but it boasts a rich history of club colors and emblems.

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