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Hey, Utah Jazz fans! Are you trying to keep yourself busy inside on a cold day full of distractions for you? These free printable Utah Jazz coloring pages are perfect for you. 

The Utah Jazz is an American professional basketball team based in Salt Lake City. The Jazz competes in the Western Conference, Northwest Division.

Free Utah Jazz Coloring Pages

Salt Lake City was founded by Mormons – adherents of the strictest religion. They once allowed polygamy and did not respect blacks. Mormons still wear special underwear to protect them from sin. 

As you can imagine, this city immediately became the jazz music capital of the world.

Of course, the team’s name had nothing to do with Salt Lake and the state of Utah. But it was based in the glorious city of New Orleans, famous in the jazz community. 

The team was created there in 1974, and its prominent purple-yellow-green colors originated there. The great Pete Maravich, known by the nickname Pistol Pete, looked good in this form for all five years dedicated to the New Orleans Jazz team.

In 1979, Jazzmen shocked their fans to move to Salt Lake City. At that time, there was a much smaller market than New Orleans. 

Much to Louisiana’s resentment, the club owner dropped the Jazz name, despite its utter irrelevance in Mormon church hymn country. So Jazz was stolen by whites from blacks, as they too stole Jazz in their day.

The crest and colors were not changed in Utah, although the uniform for outside games was made green.

In 1984, with the arrival of John Stockton, the best midfielder in NBA history, purple gained status as the primary color. In addition, designers added the words “Utah” on the jersey.

In the 1990s, Utah lost its mind in the clothing designs of that time and paired purple with greenish-blue, bronze, and black. The Utah Jazz emblem has another object depicted: mountains.

In 2004, Jazz changed the colors to blue and white. Probably these colors were preferred by Andrei Kirilenko, born in St. Petersburg. The form, both primary and alternative, became much more straightforward. 

However, this experiment did not last long. Utah went back to basics: yellow and green were chosen again (but with dark blue instead of purple), and the original emblem was also brought back on the chest. Speaking of the primary logo, it remained the same, having only the second repaint for its existence.

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