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Tyrantrum is a Rock/Dragon Pokémon introduced in Generation 6 and is known as the Despot Pokémon. Now, you can see him in the printable Tyrantrum Coloring Pages.

Tyrantrum is based on a Tyrannosaurus rex. It has features very similar to those of its pre-evolution Tyrunt, differentiated by its size, its red color, and what appears to be a white beard. 

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Tyrantrum is a Pokémon that lived more than 100 million years ago. At that time, no one could cope with it. That’s why it lived like a king. 

Tyrantrum has powerful jaws with which it can crush metals and destroy anything.

Tyrantrum has the powerful Head Smash, which has an absurd base strength of 150 but has an unfortunate drawback of 50% recoil, worse than any other attack in the game. 

However, thanks to Rock Head, this is not a factor. It allows you to fire absurdly powerful headshots without recoil.

Upon reaching Mega Evolve, Tyrantrum regains the original power long ago and receives a massive attack and speed increase during Sp. 

The attack is lowered a bit. Tyrantrum’s famous jaws are now more vital than ever and strike with a force that can shatter diamonds.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Tyrantrum are a Despot Rock and Dragon-type Pokemon, making it weak against Fighting, Ground, Steel, Ice, Dragon, and Fairy-type moves.

Garchomp is probably the superior option, but Haxorus has an adorable attack, and Tyrantrum gets excellent coverage with elemental fangs.

Tyrantrum may be bulkier, but it has twice as many weaknesses as Haxorus. 

More importantly, Haxorus has higher attack and speed stats, two of the most critical factors for a physical sweeper. 

Ultimately, of course, it’s your decision, and virtually all Pokémon shine in certain situations.

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