Fantastic Lunala Coloring Pages Pdf to Print

Since time immemorial, Lunala has been considered the Herald of the Moon, and this Pokémon has often been referred to as “the creature that summons the Moon”. 

And now you can see him in the following Lunala coloring pages. It is not only the image but also the pdf version is available below. So, let’s prepare your color and print the Lunala.

Printable Lunala Coloring Pages 

Lunala constantly absorbs light and converts it into energy. With its wings outstretched to absorb the light around it and a glow comparable to that of the crescent moon, this Pokémon is reminiscent of a stunning night sky.

Lunala, on the other hand, is reminiscent of a stunning night sky. The signature move of this psychic/ghost-type Pokémon is Shadow Beam, with which it launches a terrifying beam of light at its target that bypasses the target’s ability. 

Lunala possesses the Wraith Guard ability, never before seen in another Pokémon. Thanks to it, the Pokémon will suffer minor damage from incoming attacks when it has its HP at maximum.

Lunala takes place in the Alola region, consisting of four tropical islands and one artificial island. After choosing their alter ego between a male or female character, players will customize their name and appearance.

Lunala has Shadow Shield, which is also the same as Multiscale (Compensation), so she will receive half attack damage as long as she has 100% HP.

Download Lunala Coloring Pages Pdf