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Oshawott is a water-type Pokémon whose weaknesses are plant-type and electric-type Pokémon. Now, he is here. Find your best printable Oshawott coloring pages below.

The Oshawott Pokémon is an otter-type Pokémon and has the Torrent Ability, which helps it power up water-type attacks in a pinch.

Free Oshawott Coloring Pages

Oshawott fights with the shell in his belly, inherited from his mother, to block attacks and then counterattack. 

Although according to the manga, it is as weak as a fingernail and regenerates when broken. 

A sea otter may inspire it because of the shell on its belly (due to its eating habits). 

Oshawott can take it off to attack the enemy. Oshawott and his evolution, Dewott, are based on the ancient samurai. 

This Ken Sugimori revealed in an interview: “It had me worried for a while until I went to an aquarium to examine the otters. 

There I saw a sea lion, and I noticed its tremendous power. Well, let’s try mixing a sea otter with a sea lion, I thought. 

I came up with the idea of making Oshawott’s shell into a sword (katana) that he would use in combat, both he and his evolution.”

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