Cute Chespin Coloring Pages Pdf to Print

Chespin is a plant-type Pokémon, brown with a rich green covering on its head, back, and tail; introduced in the sixth generation.

And now, you can see him in the Chespin coloring pages to print below. Remember to share your drawings with your friends. So, let’s print and color them.

Free Printable Chespin Coloring Pages

Chespin is a very novel Pokémon in that it is the first grass-type starting mammal Pokémon, as well as being one of the three starting Pokémon from Kalos available at the beginning of Pokémon XY. 

Chespin is a charming hedgehog mix and a brown, bipedal, vibrantly beige-hued tree sprout. This species is friendly and gentle.

Chespin has a solid wooden carapace that resists any impact and, like its head, is part of its defense. It transforms the soft spikes on its head into hard, sharp spikes that can even pierce a rock.

Its body shape is similar to that of a rodent. It has a brown body and a green hood with several spikes around it, simulating the spiny capsule of chestnuts, known as a hedgehog. 

It has large white claws on its lower legs and prominent incisors. Its tail ends in a pointed tip and is orange in color, as is its nose.

Due to its curious nature; however, Chespin is an optimistic Pokémon who does not tend to worry about problems, which is a sign of its friendly and gentle soul.

In addition, Chespin can charge up energy and use it to turn its soft spikes into tough and sharp ones, with which it can smash through rocks.

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