Cute Pichu Coloring Pages Printable Pdf

On this page, you can find a collection of Pichu coloring pages. , The coloring pages are available with the pdf version. So, let’s get the drawings and print them.

Pichu is an electric-type baby Pokémon, introduced in the second generation. It was pretty popular in the fourth generation, starred in two events, and was the companion of Pokémon Ranger: Traces of Light.

Printable Pichu Coloring Pages 

Pichu is faster, does a little more damage, and is lighter but gets hurt and has a much smaller range for his attacks.

Despite the many buffs, Pichu also had some nerves. Finally, more of Pichu’s moves (especially the forward-tilted and backward antenna) use electricity, which means that more of his moves cause recoil damage.

Pichu was injured in the show with his electrical attacks. Since Pichu is like a baby Pikachu, he hasn’t mastered his electrical skills yet. 

And anyone who has worked with electricity will tell you that if they don’t know what you are doing, you can electrocute yourself!

Pichu and Dr. Mario aren’t Echoes because of their differences in speed and strength and the fact that they come from Melee. 

If their speed and strength were the same and had different moves, they would still be an echo. Agility is a clairvoyant type move, and according to Pokedex, Pichu hurts itself with its electricity.

Pichu has slightly better tools in his kit than Pikachu that allow him to kill very early, and while Pikachu can do damage very quickly, so can Pichu. 

Also, Picchu’s Thunder is significantly faster than Pikachu’s, combined with Thunder’s super powerful tip and damage makes it a powerful tool.

Pichu has a faster airspeed, Pikachu has a faster ground speed. Pichu is lighter but also smaller and harder to hit. You can also learn both as they are pretty similar. Pichu only deals extra damage with certain moves.

The new Pokémon anime series arrives in Japan this month, and the very first episode appears to feature Ash’s Pikachu as a Pichu for the first time. 

“In a forest somewhere in Kanto, there once was a lonely Pichu. This still young Pichu had a particular meeting and a farewell.

In the main series, Barbed Ear Pichu first appears in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver as an event Pokémon obtained in Ilex Forest. 

It has its unique sprites in battle and the world and cannot evolve or be traded outside HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Unlike other Pokémon, Pichu only develops when its luck has reached its maximum once you have reached this goal by winning battles and giving it vitamins and berries.

It will evolve into Pikachu as it levels up. Giving Pichu a comfort bell will also help increase its happiness.

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