Free Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coloring Pages Pdf

Tampa Bay Buccaneers was born with the expansion of the league in 1976. And now, they are here. There are Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s coloring pages you can get below.

They were framed in the original AFC West in 1976, but they moved to the NFC Central switching with the Seattle Seahawks the following year.

Free Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coloring Pages 

Initially, they were owned by businessman Tom McCloskey, a Philadelphia construction magnate. 

But after several legal disputes, they passed into the hands of Hugh Culverhouse, a Jacksonville lawyer, who had already made his advances to obtain the Los Angeles Rams.

The name of the “Buccaneers” refers to a mythical pirate: Jose Gaspar, who was said to terrorize Spanish ships from his hideout, a hidden cave in the bays of Florida.

The Tampa Bay franchise is one of those that has not changed location and maintains its roots in the history of its people.

The initial Pirate uniforms and logo consist of orange (for the Universities of Florida and Miami) and red for Florida and the University of Tampa Bay. 

They were also one of the few teams to wear white uniforms when playing at home, forcing the other teams to play in dark colors (note the heat and humidity in Tampa Bay).

Raymond James Stadium, also known as “That stadium that has a fucking boat”. Little and much to say. It is a stadium that does not belong to the team. 

The Tampa Sports Authority does the stadium’s management since the actual owner is Hillsborough County, where Tampa is located. 

They are the ones who manage the different shows, concerts, and shows that take place inside the Ray Jay.

It also hosts the games of the South Florida Bulls (Tampa’s college team). The Outback Bowl is also played between Monster Trucks events and their official headquarters. 

And it is necessary to make it profitable since what costs 170 million dollars today has already reached almost 250 million dollars spent on renovations.

What impacts the stadium is the area where the ship is located. It is a replica construction of vessels of the nineteenth century, which, according to the story, was launched but served as museum fodder. 

It is located in a replica of a 19th-century pirate village—an area dominated by this 103-foot-long ship and serves as entertainment for fans.

Shockingly, every time the Tampa Bay Buccaneers score, cannons explode. Yes, there are “real” cannons. They are a kind of “talcum powder” that explodes without causing more than the sensation of a cannon shot.

This makes this stadium of just over 65,000 spectators one of the most atmospheric and emotional bastions for its fans and for many others who are not.

What mascot is going to have a “pirate” team? That’s right, a pirate. His name is “Captain Fear,” and as he tells it, one dark and stormy night, through the raging waters, he was steering his ship but was thrown overboard when lightning broke the lookout tower. 

By his wits and grit (and possibly with the help of a mermaid or two), Captain Fear kept afloat and adrift on a raft of wooden planks. 

Finally, after two days at sea, he was discovered by the ClearWater Coast Guard, who saved him.

When he arrived in Tampa, Captain Fear fell flat on his face to see that his ship had survived those rough waters, floating peacefully in Tampa Bay. 

The ship was rebuilt and is now the permanent access to the Buccaneers Cove stadium.

Our fearless captain now resides in the compartments of his boat and is very vigilant in keeping watch over Tampa Bay at night. 

He can be seen on game days, cheering on the crowd to strike fear into the hearts of our opponents.

Download Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coloring Pages Pdf