Free Sunflower Coloring Pages Printable

The sunflower, whose scientific name is Helianthus annuus, is a plant originating from North and Central America and belonging to the Asteraceae family. It can reach up to 4 meters in height and flowers from July to October. Sunflowers are assimilated to the sun by their shape, but also by their behaviour. Until the end of flowering, their stems curve according to the position of the sun, which gives the impression that the flower itself follows the star. This phenomenon is called heliotropism.

But sunflower is also agricultural manna: from its flower, a thousand and one substances are extracted. The generosity of this plant even goes so far as to offer two types of flowers: the outer flowers, which compose the head and give beautiful golden colors, and the central flowers in a tube, pale yellow, or dark red, where the seeds ripen.

Here is a collection of Free Sunflower Coloring Pages Printable. You can download and then print the images that you like. Happy coloring!

Free Sunflower Coloring Pages Printable

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