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Here are coloring pages that represent Real Madrid’s crest, one of the most prestigious Spanish teams. You can color the crown, the circle, and the letters in yellow ochre. 

The diagonal band is dark blue. The crown has red and blue beads. All the dots on top of the crown are white. The inside of the crown is red.

Free Real Madrid Coloring Pages

Real Madrid is one of the few soccer teams that has never left the Primera DivisiĆ³n, the top tournament of the Professional Football League. 

According to FIFA, this is the best soccer club of the 20th century. It is the record holder of the UEFA Champions League and the title winner of many competitions held in Spain and other countries.

On March 6, 1902, a group of like-minded footballers formally founded the Madrid Football Club, preceded by another Football Sky team in the late 19th and 20th centuries.

Some people think that the famous crown of the Real Madrid logo reflects its sporting success. 

Of course, the team’s reputation is determined by triumphant victories because, in the 1950s, it established itself as a soccer superpower. 

And the furor created is inscribed in the very DNA of the club, expressed in a confident and straightforward emblem. But Real Madrid’s corporate identity was quite influenced by political factors as its chronology dates back to the early 20th century.

Real Madrid’s first logo was a banal mixture of the club’s initials: the blue letters M, C, and F were written on a white background. 

It should be noted that the team often performed under the emblem of the city, which was required by the rules of most soccer competitions at the beginning of the century. 

It is a mistake to add the attribution of the city’s coat of arms to the history of Madrid, although the rules for holding official competitions at the time obliged the club to use the city’s coat of arms.

Changes in the Real Madrid logo were made in 1908. As a result, the city’s coat of arms became the progenitor of the modern club logo. First (in 1908), the club’s initials were imposed on the city’s borrowed coat of arms, so the Galacticos logo acquired blue circles.

On June 29, 1920, Spanish King Alfonso XIII granted Madrid the royal title: “Real”. In the club’s logo, this event was reflected in the appearance of a crown identical to the city’s coat of arms. 

In official matches, the team still performed under the stylized city logo. The revolution that overthrew King Alfonso XIII marked the formation of the Second Spanish Republic. 

From 1931 to 1939, the team was again called the “Madrid” soccer club, and the logo lost the crown because of the ban on using the symbols of monarchical elements. 

At the same time, the Real Madrid logo acquired a violet-colored stripe, symbolizing the region of Castile, in whose territory modern Madrid is located.

The end of the civil war and the establishment of General Francisco Franco’s dictatorship gave Madrid back its royal status and the crown of the Galacticos logo. 

In addition, the Real Madrid emblem was redesigned and finally became colorful with the golden tones of the symbol. The Castilian strip was kept in the Real Madrid logo.

In this way, the Real Madrid logo served for more than five decades, undergoing minor changes at the turn of the century. Madrid’s coat of arms took its final form at the turn of the century. 

Before building “Galaktikos”, the heads of the Madrid club maximized the letter M. In addition, they made the strip blue, completely getting rid of the violet color.

Having opened a new chapter of history, Madrid has perfected the logo, which has received a modern look, corresponding to the best club of the 20th century.

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