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Patriotism is the love of country, and this is defined as the place to which a person feels they belong, whether it is their homeland or not; it is usually linked to the idea of country or nation. 

Patriotic Coloring Pages

These feelings are usually fostered through numerous symbols that encourage the union of the different inhabitants and their country. 

Examples of these symbols are the anthem, the national flag, or heroes or conquerors that have given prestige to the country internationally.

According to the time and the people who adopted it, the term had one or another meaning. In ancient Greece, patriotism was loyalty to the institutions and traditions that made up the city-state. 

The barbarians, for example, were peoples with a high nomadic component, and they did not feel the attachment of other civilizations to their land of origin since the conquest of new territories and the raising of new sites was widespread.

The concept of patriotism was revived during the French Revolution. The instigators of the revolution and the builders of the new nation encouraged patriotism and nationalism as fundamental pillars of the new national order.

Inculcating these values from the most elementary education meant creating citizens loyal to the republic, whose ideals -based on equality- would be assured. 

Therefore, we can affirm that patriotism is a fundamental element in constructing and consolidating the nation-states we know today.

Based on what has been described so far, a series of characteristics of patriotism emerged. Thus, among these, it is worth mentioning the following:

  1. Love for the homeland.

2. Defense of the national symbols (hymns and flags).

3. Admiration and loyalty to national heroes.

4. Defense and pride in all the characteristics that define the country.

5. Defense of the nation in all events that have to do with other countries, such as sporting events.

6. Tolerance and respect for other nations and immigrants residing in our territory.

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