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A mosaic is a beautiful decorative element made of colored glass pieces of various shapes and sizes. Mosaic themes can be very diverse: church, landscapes, animals, and geometric patterns.  

Each mosaic pattern will be unique. Now, you can color your unique mosaic patterns here. There is a collection of fantastic mosaic coloring pages you can get.  

Free Mosaic Coloring Pages

The mosaic is an artistic technique that, with decorative purposes, combines different elements to form a figure, which is placed on walls, floors, or ceilings to replace the paint or other coating.

The etymology of mosaic is Latin; it comes from “mosaicus” but the term was taken from the Greek language “museios”.

It alludes to the muses, who supposedly inspired the creative artists who assembled the mosaic with fragments of rocks, pebbles, ceramics, glass, marble, clay, or wood.

Although it was practiced since the Bronze Age, it reached its peak of development in the Hellenistic Greek period, especially in the Roman Empire, which adopted it with the conquest of Greece.

It was considered synonymous with architectural refinement, so much so that gold was used in the elaboration of mosaics in the Byzantine Empire.

In Rome, mosaics were used, especially on walls and floors, creating scenes with figures of daily life or historical or mythological figures in their most creative or perfected form.

They were the “opus tessellated”, which were made by inserting pieces of colored stones into soft materials. An example of these mosaics is “The Battle of Issos” found in Pompeii, in the house of the Faunus.

By extension, and as the mosaic comprises diversified fragments, we speak of cultural mosaic to refer to those groups of people made up of different ethnic groups that form a social fabric, as occurs, for example, in Canada, which is very prone to receive immigration flows.

This term is also used in computing to designate the options displayed on the PC screen.

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