Money Coloring Pages Pdf For Kids

It is essential to teach children the value of money and the importance of having savings from a very early age. Then, coloring is the best way to teach them. 

Money coloring pages serve to familiarize the little ones with different currencies while allowing them to have fun with their coloring set.

Free Money Coloring Pages

Many years ago, people used to barter. But this had a few problems. One of them was how to give value to certain products. It was challenging to provide value to products. 

Because if I had two liters of milk, how many fish were they worth? And if the milk was not fresh, how many fish was it worth? Giving a precise value to products was particularly difficult. 

Another big problem was that if I had milk and wanted fish, I had to make sure that the fish seller wanted milk. But what if the fish seller didn’t want my milk? 

How can we exchange two products if you don’t want what I can offer you? So here is the need to use a medium of exchange. Something that we both accept. And that we can then use to exchange something else. Something we want to buy.

At that point, then, society started using gold and silver. Because they were rare, and they couldn’t be found easily. And so, they were able to maintain their value reasonably easily. 

So society continued to use gold and silver for several years. But then it was realized that they were a bit too heavy. In addition, some people began to scratch gold coins to get more gold coins and thus have more. This was not very good.

Time goes by, and people start to forget about gold a little bit. We know that if we have a bill in our hands, the same amount of gold is in the central bank. 

At this point, another solution was chosen. Distribute new banknotes without having new gold, decoupling the number of bills from the amount of gold.

In 1973, the United States began to disconnect the quantity of money from the amount of gold. It is the beginning to distribute new bills without worrying about having the counterpart in gold value.

The reason they did this is that they needed to have more flexibility regarding inflation and deflation. And thus be able to control the economic performance of the country better and faster. Everyone else followed them.

So why do we use money? First of all, to give value to things. And it’s straightforward to do that. Because money doesn’t expire, and they’re all the same. 

Remember that modern money stands up because of the trust that the people using the bills placed in the bills. So if we both accept that currency as a medium of exchange, then that currency can work. 

Download Free Money Coloring Pages Pdf