Lighthouse coloring pages Pdf for Kids

Lighthouses have long fascinated young children; therefore, it’s no wonder that they are frequently featured in coloring pages for kids. 

These printable lighthouse coloring pages will inspire your little ones to explore their artistic talents and fill the images with the colors of their imagination.

Free lighthouse Coloring Pages

You can see lighthouses if you are on the coast or in a seaport. You may know what a lighthouse is and what it is for. There have been ancient ones for hundreds of years, and other maritime lighthouses are modern, equipped with the latest technology. 

Imagine it is a moonless night; the sea is rough and pitches black. You are at the helm of a ship, returning from a long voyage.

If your calculations are accurate, the coast must be close, and the port to which you have to steer the ship is in front of you, behind the deep darkness.

But, imagine that this is not so, that the winds or currents have blown you off course, or you have made a mistake in maneuvering. 

In such a case, instead of heading for port, the ship will end up wrecked on a deserted breakwater, hit the rocks, or reach a port unknown to you.

You stare into the darkness looking for something to guide you, to give you and the rest of the crew the assurance of reaching home safely. For a moment, you seem to see the light, a brief, faint flicker.

This flashing is repeated after a few seconds and becomes more and more visible: there is no longer any doubt. It is a lighthouse. Under its light is the port, you must reach, or it warns you of the danger you must try to avoid.

This brief episode of night navigation that we have described will indeed have made you understand what a lighthouse is and the importance it has always had for seafarers.

Suffice it to recall that one of the seven wonders of the ancient world was the gigantic lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt.

Lighthouses mark the entrance to ports and islands, the extremity of promontories and peninsulas, shoals (i.e., points where the water is shallow), reefs, and, in general, all dangerous obstacles to navigation.

In the latter cases, signaling systems that could be defined as “miniature lighthouses” are often used. These are luminous buoys, which are floats anchored to the seabed and equipped with a lamp.

When it is only necessary to have a relative point of reference about the proximity of the coastline, signal buoys, without lights, are placed along the coast.

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