Free Feather Coloring Pages Pdf

On this page, you will find feather coloring pages. The images are available for free. Use your favorite color on these images, then happy coloring.

The feather is an element that is part of the body of all birds, whether they fly or not, and serves to cover their skin from the cold, wind, water, or other elements of the environment, allowing them to protect themselves better. 

Feather Coloring Pages

Feathers can be found in the bird in several layers, the outer ones being thicker and the inner ones softer, even having color variations between the layers. 

Each feather forms together what is known as plumage, which, depending on the animal, the time of year, nervous states, etc., can change and be replaced by a new plumage progressively.

In the science that studies animals, zoology, plumage is considered one of the existing integumentary systems. A tegumentary system covers an animal’s body to insulate it and protect the internal organs from the external environment. 

One of these integumentary systems is the plumage, and removing an animal’s entire set of feathers can undoubtedly expose it to many complications such as diseases, infections, etc. 

Feather replacement occurs naturally in the animal’s body but a progressive manner. Likewise, when an animal is exposed to alterations in its feathers, it suffers in the same way that a human being suffers when its skin is affected. 

In this sense, a very characteristic example is oiled birds that suffer significant damage to their plumage and may be faced with infections or even suffocation due to the presence of the oil material on their bodies.

Feathers are composed of thousands of follicles (a type of hair) held tightly together and protected the body from external agents. Each feather contains a rigid base that binds it to the body and a set of feather follicles and feathery follicles. 

The first is kept more closed and united, and the second are those closer to the base and are more open and disordered.

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