Free Kart Racing Coloring Pages Printable Pdf

For speed lovers, here are the free kart racing coloring pages. For those who want to become F1 drivers, karting has become almost compulsory to start. 

Almost all the current great champions have gone through karting! So, let us print the images and color them as you like. Happy coloring.

Free Kart Racing Coloring Pages

Kart racing is a motorsport practiced on circuits that are 700 to 1500 meters long and can accommodate about 40 drivers simultaneously. 

Karts are small single-seater cars with four wheels, which can reach the impressive speed of 185 km/h on the circuits. 

Karting is not without danger. That’s why you must respect specific safety rules and learn to control the machine. 

Nevertheless, both adults and children are invited to participate in wild races on circuits specially dedicated to the practice of this motorsport. 

Karting is a sport that American airplane pilots invented. In 1956, go-karts were equipped with lawnmower engines and wheels for aircraft landing gear.

For the record, Art Ingels, a Californian, developed the first go-kart in 1956. This motorsport was a great success in the United States and Canada very quickly.

Its arrival in France in 1960 did not go unnoticed, and already many kart circuits opened one after the other. 

Official competitions are born, and now, the practice of karting is a step almost obliged to become a car racing driver.

The practice of karting is also possible out of competition. You will easily find a karting school in Paris or near your home to discover the joys of this exciting sport!

Karting chassis have no suspension and no differential. Braking is provided by a disc brake mounted on the rear axle. 

Some categories accept front brakes (small disc brakes mounted on the front hubs, sometimes activated by a handle on the steering wheel).

Karting can be done on three levels:

  • Rental
  • Leisure (with one’s equipment)
  • Competition (official races reserved for licensed drivers, individual speed, or endurance)

Most karts in promotional formulas now have an electric starter and a clutch. 

At the international level and since January 1, 2007, a new CIK-FIA regulation modifies the motorization of the top categories, which were previously 100 cm³ without the clutch (FA – ICA) to 125 cm³ with starter, grip, and electronic rev limiter.

Download Kart Racing Coloring Pages Pdf