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Hurdles are each of the difficulties a track presents, as is the case with horseback riding and athletics. Today, you have fun with the sport using coloring pages.

The next hurdles coloring pages are ready to print. So, let’s print the pictures you love and color them. Any colors are available, so make sure the drawing is colorful.

Free Hurdles Coloring Pages

In the latter case, this type of race extends 2000 to 3000 meters. In the 3000 meters race, there are 28 hurdles to pass and seven jumps over water pits.

While in the 2000 meters race, there are 18 hurdles and five jumps. It is stipulated in these cases that the water moat is the fourth obstacle to be passed in each lap.

The water pit is built inside or outside the track, reducing or prolonging the course. 

It is necessary to consider the sufficient distance between the first fence line to prevent the competitors from crowding. 

On the other hand, the distance between the last fence and the finish line has to measure approximately 68 meters.

It is also stipulated that in the 3000 meters race, within the distance from the start to the beginning of the first lap, no hurdles must be included, keeping them removed until the athletes have entered the first lap.

The height of the hurdles is 0.914 meters by 3.96 meters wide. The upper crossbar of the movable hurdles or the fixed hurdle in the water pit must measure 127 mm on each side. 

The weight of the hurdles is stipulated between 80 and 100 kg, with a base at each end measuring between 1.20 and 1.40 meters.

Meanwhile, the water pit, including the fence, must measure 3.66 meters wide with a depth of 70 cm at the foot of the wall, which decreases until it reaches floor level on the opposite side. 

The bottom of the water pit must be lined with a suitable material with a thickness not exceeding 25 mm, to ensure a smooth fall. 

Thus each participant must pass through or over the water, and anyone who drags a foot or leg outside the fence, or passes through any of the sides of the pit, is disqualified.

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