Free Printable I Love You Coloring Pages Pdf

The heart design is made of tiny flowers. Color it to say I love you. You can use cyan, blue, light blue, light pink, purple, and whatever you want. The letters “I love you” are the same color. 

These free printable I love you coloring pages are free of charge. Express your feel using our coloring pages. Happy coloring.

I Love You Coloring Pages

Love is a strong and positive feeling of two people who love each other regardless of the situation or problems. There are different types of love: brotherly love, religious love, family love, etc.

To love is to know and accept one’s qualities and defects, but also those of one’s partner. Therefore, it is necessary to know oneself to love another person sincerely.

There are many definitions of true love. They can have a positive or negative view. Moreover, each person has a different idea of true love. 

The greatest writers, sages, philosophers, psychoanalysts have always tried to understand and define this enigma.

True love, pure love, or authentic love that we can have towards the other is difficult to describe and explain. Why is it so? Because it is felt, it is lived every day. 

This love brings well-being and joy. It helps us to know each other better, to accompany and to administer our partner’s progress. It is a constructive feeling based on acceptance, trust, giving, and fundamental knowledge of one’s partner.

When the love for the other person is pure and authentic, the desire to protect them, meet their needs, support them, and respect their freedom so that they can flourish will be instinctive. 

The couple’s relationship is healthy because each one reveals and invests himself by giving the best of himself to his spouse. Disrespect, emotional manipulation, or abuse cannot exist.

This healthy love allows each person to go about their business without smothering the other. There is a kind of independence.

Unlike true love, passion is a “love at first sight” emotion, a purely selfish feeling based on the fantasy of the other. It idealizes the other person and fuels possession and jealousy. Passionate love is ephemeral love.

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