Printable First Day of School Coloring Pages Pdf

Have fun with our printable first day of school coloring pages. Would you please take your child’s picture and preserve that critical and precious moment of the first day of school in a new classroom?

Every year, on the first day of school, it’s the same ritual: we try to record this moment by taking a souvenir photo. So, this year, to save a little time before leaving for school, think of printing one of our first day of school signs the day before. 

Free First Day of School Coloring Pages

The first day of school is an important time for any teacher. Here are some tips on successfully starting the school year and getting to know your kindergarten students.

In the petite section, your most important task will be to reassure the child and the parents. For a number of your students, entering school will be the first separation from their parents. 

For the parents, it is also the first separation! This reception, most often, is done in the presence of the parents, who then take the time to tell you if the child is eating at the canteen and giving you many recommendations! 

Your goal is to have the separation from the parents done quickly and with as little crying as possible. 

You will have set up the classroom with lots of interests to which you will direct the children. You will have pinned each child’s name on their chest, and, as soon as the parents have left, you will gather your students around a song, or you will tell them a story. 

Your little group will quickly dry up their tears when they are asked to listen or do an activity. Remember to reassure them by showing them around the school, pointing out the bathrooms.

These first days or days are crucial for these little ones who are discovering school. The school must be a place that attracts them. For the older children, this first day will be more straightforward: they already know the place and the rules of life. 

However, it is in your best interest to have prepared your room, the individual labels that the students already know how to recognize, the play corners with the material, and everything that will allow you to start the activity right away.

Download First Day of School Coloring Pages Pdf