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In this article, you will find a collection of cool Egyptian coloring pages. You can use your colors to make them live. Also, you can learn about its history through these images.

Egypt is a civilization developed in a fertile marshy land thin strip that stretches along the banks of the Nile from its cataracts on the border with Sudan to the outlet in the Mediterranean.

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Around 3000 B.C. in the Nile valley developed the Egyptian civilization, which survived 3000 years. The origins of the Egyptian people are not well defined. 

It is thought that the peoples of the Near East influenced its inhabitants. An ancient Greek historian, Herodotus, called the Egyptian civilization a gift of the Nile. 

Egypt is located in a vast desert area, while the Nile valley is very fertile thanks to a mud called silt, rich in fertilizing substances. 

Along the Nile course, up to delta on the Mediterranean took place the leading exchanges of the Egyptians with other peoples who faced on this sea. 

During the predynastic period, the Nile valley people went through a period of splendor thanks to the silt that had made the soil fertile and facilitated agriculture.

Around 3500 BC, the significant difference between the delta and the Nile valley forced the division of Egypt into two parts: Upper and Lower Egypt.

The Egyptians were very skilled in building pyramids and stone temples. The pyramids were the tombs of the pharaohs. There was even a chapel inside where the pharaoh was thought to pray when he died.

There were rooms decorated with polychrome paintings and sculptures. A book called the “book of the dead” was placed on his grave when a person died. This book was divided into columns, written everything the dead person needed in the second life. 

It was necessary to protect the body from decomposition to make the soul of the dead immortal by entrusting its preservation to the desert sand or, with the advent of the new kingdom, by mummification. 

During the ancient kingdom, the Egyptians reserved a special ceremonial for the pharaoh. The corpse of the dead was put in salt for a certain period and then dried. 

To the deceased, even before, were removed the entrails, the brain, and the heart, which was replaced by a stone scarab. In the sarcophagi was placed a papyrus sheet on which were written the magic formulas that allowed the dead to survive in the afterlife.

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