Groot Coloring Pages Pdf

On this page, you can download and print Groot coloring pages for kids. Groot is the character of Guardians of the Galaxy. He has a funny characteristic.

Groot was initially introduced as a villain but was reconfigured as a noble and heroic being in 2006. He appeared in the comic book Annihilation: Conquest. 

Printable Groot Coloring Pages

Groot has appeared in various scenes associated with Marvel, such as animated TV series, toys, and cards… Perhaps, Groot is the only Marvel character who has a different language. 

He expresses his name all the time as “I am Groot.” Groot is a monstrous alien plant that mainly came to Earth searching for humans to study and experiment on them.

The termites used by Leslie Evans destroyed him. Xemnu, The Living Titan, duplicated Groot and used him to attack the Hulk, although the latter destroyed him in battle.

He was later revealed to have survived but was a captive of the Collector and held in his zoo in Canada until Groot and the other captive creatures were freed by the Mole Man.

They wreaked havoc in New York City until they were apprehended by a gang of superheroes and then thrown through a portal into the Negative Zone.

Groot’s Powers or Characteristics; Absorb wood as food, Ability to regenerate, Control trees and plants, Appears to be resistant to fire, and Able to sprout growing mass which then severely inhibits movement.


Download Groot Coloring Pages Pdf