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Field hockey was initially played on frozen lakes or ponds. Today, field hockey is a team sport played with a puck in an ice rink. Equipment includes a helmet, visor, stick, skates, and padded clothing.

On this page, you can find free hockey coloring pages. Get the images you love below, then color them as you like. Happy Coloring.

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Six players per team, including a goalkeeper, are on the ice hockey field of play simultaneously. 

An outfield player can also fill the goalie position. Field hockey teams are usually composed of 20 or more players who will all play in a game.

Ice hockey is a very physical sport. Players are usually on the ice for one minute and then are replaced. A player change in ice hockey is called a “line change” since all five field players are usually changed simultaneously.

The puck is, unlike soccer, relatively small and can be played very quickly – the spectator can soon lose sight of it. That is why during the games of professional teams, lights are flashing behind the goal. This way, every spectator in the rink is informed that a goal has just been scored.

The game lasts 60 minutes, divided into three periods of 20 minutes each with a 15-minute break between each period. If the game is interrupted, the time is stopped. 

It is also during these interruptions that the changes of players take place. This explains why a game usually lasts much longer than 90 minutes.

At the end of each third period, the teams change sides. In case of a tie at the end of the 60 minutes of regulation time, and overtime is played with “sudden death,” or a series of penalty kicks takes place. These rules are different depending on the league in which the game is played.

The playing field with colored dots and lines may seem confusing to a beginner, but each marking has its meaning. We will explain everything.

The two blue lines divide the field into three zones. The defensive zone is the third in which a team’s cage is located. The part where the cage of the opposing team is located is in the attacking area. 

The defensive and attacking zones are also called end zones. The center zone is the neutral zone.

The goals are located on each goal line. In ice hockey, it is possible to play behind the goalkeeper’s cage. The goal area is delimited by a light blue zone and a red semicircle.

A red semicircle also marks the referee’s area. All over the surface, there are points, some surrounded by circles. These are called engagement points. 

After an interruption, the puck is put back into play by a bully (see explanations below).

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