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Looking for an Easter egg coloring page? Then you’re right here. We have collected a lot of nice pictures for you that have to do with the Easter celebration. We have put together the nicest coloring pictures of Easter egg for children! Download an Easter egg coloring page for free now, print it out and let the kids color it in!

With our coloring pictures you can learn about Easter in a fun way. Easter is a Christian feast, where people celebrate that Jesus has risen from the dead. With these coloring pictures about Easter one can apply the theme of Easter well in the classroom. You can color the drawings of Easter, or get creative with the craftwork. For children Easter also means the time of the Easter Bunny, the Easter bells, Easter egg collecting, in short a time where there is a lot to do and where the coloring pictures of Easter can be a nice addition.

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An egg is a part of Easter. The supermarket is full of chocolate Easter eggs, and maybe you’ll paint a real egg during Easter. But how does a tradition like this fit in with a Christian holiday like Easter? What is the origin of the Easter egg?

There are many different theories about where exactly the Easter egg comes from. Together with the Easter bunny, the Easter egg does not come across as very Christian. In the case of the Easter egg this is probably because this tradition has existed longer than Christianity.

Painting Easter eggs

It seems that many of the Easter traditions come from spring festivals of other cultures and religions. Eggs have long been a symbol of fertility and therefore linked to spring. According to some sources, people have been dyeing eggs for thousands of years with the arrival of the spring season. In what is now Iran, this happened during the feast of Noruz, the Iranian New Year that coincides with the equinox in spring.

are there any Christian traditions with Easter eggs? Yes, some Christians see the Easter egg as a symbol for the resurrection of Christ. In some Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches they paint eggs red as a symbol of the blood of Christ. They see the hard-boiled egg as a symbol for the tomb of Christ. When they break open the eggshell, it is like His resurrection. In addition, Lent was a period where Christians did not eat eggs or meat. Easter was the first chance to eat them again. And so Easter may have been the chance to enjoy an egg again.

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