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Are you looking for an Aladdin coloring picture? Then you’re right here. We’ve collected a lot of cute pictures of the fairy tale and the Disney movie about Aladdin and the magic lamp.

Aladdin finds a mysterious, magical lamp that fulfills wishes. He uses the magical powers of the Spirit in the lamp to conquer the heart of the beautiful princess Jasmine. Have fun, coloring!

Aladdin Coloring Pages Collection

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Aladdin and the miracle lamp is a fairy tale from A Thousand and One Nights. Although the story did not occur in the oldest versions of this collection of stories, it is still included in this collection. The fairy tale Aladdin and the wonder lamp is also released as a Disney movie. For this, the story is adapted in certain points.

The fairy tale Aladdin and the wonder lamp

Aladin is the son of a tailor. This tailor is deceased, and Aladdin survives by stealing everywhere as a tramp. At a certain moment, a wizard arrives in the village where Aladdin lives. He claims to be his uncle and takes him on a journey. In the desert, he lets him descend into a cave with only one assignment. Pick up the lamp, and don’t touch anything on the way.

Overwhelmed by all the riches Aladin sees, he takes sacks full of gold and precious stones with him, in addition to the lamp. The sorcerer gets so angry about this that he closes the entrance to the cave, and Aladdin is locked up.

Luckily, Aladdin has been given a magic ring by the wizard. He was allowed to use it when he was in distress. He turns the ring, and a ghost appears. This ghost is allowed to fulfill a wish. Aladdin wishes he was home again. At home, he shows the treasures to his mother and also the lamp. One day mother cleans and polishes the lamp as well. It turns out to be a miracle lamp. A Djinn (or also a ghost) appears. This one fulfills wishes. He helps them again and again out of their worries.

Then one day, Aladin sees the princess of the Sultan. He falls in love instantly and asks the Sultan for his daughter’s hand. The Sultan promises if he can prove he is rich. He must bring seven bowls of diamonds and build a palace to live in together. With a few rubs on the miracle lamp, he succeeds. But then suddenly the wizard comes back into the picture. He manages to get Aladdin to take away the magic lamp and has the palace containing the princess moved to Africa. Aladdin can no longer summon the Spirit in the miracle lamp.

Luckily he still has the ring. Aladdin turns the ring and asks the ghost to conjure back the palace and the princess. The ghost can’t do that. But he can conjure Aladdin to the palace. That happens, and when Aladdin gets there, he defeats the sorcerer and lets the ghost from the magic lamp bring the palace and the princess back. He marries the princess, and they lived happily ever after.

The Movie of Aladdin

The story in the Aladdin the movie and the miracle lamp differs slightly from the original. Instead of a wizard, the bad guy is played by the Grand Vizier of the Sultan. Another difference is that in the film Aladdin gets locked up in the cave because his little monkey accidentally touches a diamond, and only by accidentally rubbing the lamp the ghost can leave the cave. Another important difference is that in the end, Aladdin is not allowed to marry the princess as a rich prince, but as the vagabond, he was. A feel-good story with a happy ending.

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