Zebra Coloring Pages PDF Printable

The zebra, or hippotigris or tiger horse, is an animal of the equine family, like the horse or donkey. He is one of the representatives of the genus Equus. The zebra has a look, speed, and safe hoof characteristic of equines. But, this funny horse exposes without complex his black and white striped dress in the wide-open spaces of Africa.

Its coat is covered with black and white stripes. Zoologists have found that the fetus of the zebra is black, stripes appear later. So a zebra is black with white stripes. However, some individuals have brown lines.

The zebra is a herbivorous mammal. It feeds on grass, plants, and leaves. His hair is short because he lives in very hot regions such as Africa, for example.

The zebra lives in a group or a male with a few females. He likes the company of wildebeest and stands with them to protect himself from predators.

Here is a collection of Beautiful Zebra Coloring Pages Free Printable. You can download and then print the images that you like. Happy coloring!

Beautiful Zebra Coloring Pages Free Printable

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