Free Venus Flytrap Coloring Pages Printable

The Dionea – Dionaea muscipula – is the best known of all carnivorous plants. It is also called “Flycatcher Dionée,” “Venus flycatcher,” or “Venus flycatcher”: its active jaw trap often closes on unwary flies. Its fast and impressive closing movement makes it a truly fascinating plant.

The Venus flytrap is the most famous of all carnivorous plants. It can also be easily found in plant sales areas. Originally from North America, its geographical distribution is limited to the two Carolinas. It disappears from its original environment because of its sensitivity to pollution.

Like real animal jaws, its trap consists of two lobes bordered by eyelashes, which look like long teeth. The plant attracts the fly by emitting nectar odors, by its nectar glands and by the inside of the trap, often pink to purple. As soon as it lands on the trap, small sensitive eyelashes will trigger the closing of the trap: it closes in a tenth of a second, which leaves no chance for the fly to escape.

Here is a collection of Free Venus Flytrap Coloring Pages Printable. You can download and then print the images that you like. Happy coloring!

Free Venus Flytrap Coloring Pages Printable

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