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Utahraptor was a genus of hunting dinosaurs that inhabited our planet during the Cretaceous period (approximately 128 million years ago). 

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Utahraptor is classified within the group of theropod dinosaurs dromeosaurids. This genus would have had a medium size. It was about 7 meters long, and its weight was approximately a little more than half a ton.

It is one of the best-endowed dinosaurs concerning hunting clothing. It had sharp claws on both hands and feet and hunted dinosaurs twice their size in packs.

When straightened up, an adult dinosaur reached the height of two men of good stature, standing one on top of the other. 

All members of this ferocious group of carnivores were armed with a pair of deadly sickle-shaped claws located on the second toe of the hind legs. The dromeosaurids were among the fiercest carnivorous dinosaurs.

Although it probably weighed about a ton, its build resembled that of a bird. Thanks to its powerful legs, it could have chased its prey with the speed of today’s ostrich. 

The dromeosaurids probably hunted in packs and ran after their prey: once cornered, they would tear their victim apart with their nails and teeth.

Its primary weapons were the two spring-blade-like claws on its hind legs. It could raise its feet during the run to avoid self-injury. Then, it directed them forward to attack its prey. 

A cut with one of these claws would be enough to sever the victim’s body. Its large hands were armed with sharp, leaf-shaped nails.

Like its smaller relative, Deinonychus, it probably possessed particular wrist joints that gave its hands as much flexibility as human hands. The dinosaur could thus hold its prey in a death grip. 

Each hand was large enough to encircle a soccer ball and had three strong nails. A long, sturdy tail helped it balance when it ran.

Bundles of bony fibers probably protruded from the vertebrae and formed a supporting structure to keep it rigid enough to support its bulky body. 

It may also have used its tail to support itself while it was hunting. It possessed powerful jaws lined with saw-like teeth. It would open its jaws wide and close them as quickly as possible.

Experts believe that dromeosaurids hunted in packs and that the males may have engaged in furious scratching fights to decide which of them would be the boss. 

It may have been the most intelligent of the hunting dinosaurs. Its brain was the same size as a cat’s, using it to plan its movements. 

Some scientists believe it killed so efficiently that it could have wiped out entire species.

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