Free Apatosaurus Coloring Pages Pdf

Today we are going to color dinosaurs that existed during the Jurassic period within the Mesozoic era. It was inhabited approximately 155 million years ago, and it is Apatosaurus coloring pages. 

It is a type of dinosaur for which it has been possible to obtain a complete fossil. Many specialists have been able to establish many of the characteristics and aspects of the life of these animals. 

Free Apatosaurus Coloring Pages

It is a rather bulky dinosaur that shares specific characteristics with some of today’s reptiles. Due to its size and level of complexity, it is claimed that it was undoubtedly a multicellular organism. 

They are also said to be tribalistic animals. It means that, during their embryonic development, they present three germinative layers. These layers are known as ectoderm, endoderm, and mesoderm. From these layers, the different tissues and organs that form the dinosaur are formed.

It is said that it was a dinosaur with peaceful habits that used to live in herds. It reproduced sexually and had internal fertilization. Being oviparous, its reproduction was based on eggs. It only used its strength to protect itself against predator attacks.

The wingspan of this dinosaur was such that it could reach 5 meters in height and 25 meters in length. It weighed approximately 30 tons. 

Among the main characteristics of Apatosaurus, we find a thick skin that allowed it to survive predator attacks and resist lower temperatures. The neck was very long, as was the tail. 

According to the collected fossils, the neck had 15 vertebrae. In the thorax, there were 10, and in the sacral region, there were five more. More than 80 vertebrae have been collected from the tail.

It was quadrupedal and had two limbs that helped it to hold on and maintain its balance. The legs were robust and very similar to those of today’s elephants. 

The head, however, was much smaller than the rest of the body. The brain was only about 10 cm long, so it did not have much reasoning capacity.

As we have mentioned before, it is a gentle dinosaur with a plant-based diet. It can be said that it is a herbivorous animal. Among the different types of plants that existed in those times and on which Apatosaurus fed were tender shoots and leaves. 

It can be said that they were browsing animals. It has also been possible to determine the species on which these dinosaurs fed. Their diet was mainly based on ginkgo, cycads, and conifers.

Thanks to their tall stature and size, they had little competition from other herbivores. With their long necks, they could reach the tops of the tallest trees where other dinosaurs could not get. 

Feeding was facilitated by the dentition and the structure of the digestive tract. The teeth were chisel-shaped and had high crowns. Thanks to this dental structure, it could specialize in cutting the food, so it had eased in extracting the pieces of the plants to ingest them.

This dentition was not the most adequate to correctly process and crush leaves, but it is thought that this dinosaur had other mechanisms that made its digestive process more efficient.

Many studies have analyzed the fossils that correspond to the stomach. Here they have found a large number of stones called gastroliths. 

A much more efficient digestion process could be carried out since they were in charge of crushing the food. This assistance of gastroliths is not unique in the animal kingdom. 

The presence of these pieces of rock in the stomach has been observed in numerous species of birds.

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