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65-75 million years ago, between the Campanian and Maastrichtian periods, a dinosaur lived that represented the only species of the theropod genus troodontid. Its name is troodon.

Nowadays, you can find these dinosaurs here. There is a collection of troodon coloring pages below. Get them and color them as you like. Happy coloring.

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Troodon seems to have lived in the last stage of the Upper Cretaceous, and its first fossils were discovered in 1855 in Asia and North America. 

It was up to 3 m long by 1 m high, weighed between 27 and 45 kg, and its remains have been found in North America. It had very long and slender limbs, suggesting that the animal could move quickly. 

It had long upper limbs that were folded against the thorax wall like a bird. It had large, retractable sickle-shaped claws on the second toe of each foot, which was raised off the ground when running.

Its eyes were large and adapted to night vision, slightly pointed forward, giving the Troodon some binocular vision. Its teeth were powerful and sharp enough to tear flesh. 

Its wrists were flexible, and it could move its thumb independently of the other fingers, which gave it a great advantage when holding its prey. 

It was speedy, which made it a great hunter of small mammals and lizards. This small predator had two faces, that of a fearsome carnivore before small mammals or dinosaurs smaller than itself, and that of an attentive and affectionate father since this was one of the dinosaurs that took most care of its eggs and left offspring. 

In addition, it was the dinosaur that had the most significant brain compared to its body, which means that it was brilliant.

They were carnivorous dinosaurs, their diet also included eggs that they stole from the nests of other relics and then escaped quickly (some of them could run 50 km per hour), so very few herbivorous dinosaurs could catch up with them.

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