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Tarbosaurus was a bipedal carnivorous dinosaur, in other words, a carnosaurid with anatomy close to that of its cousin Tyrannosaurus.

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Tarbosaurus Coloring Pages

Although smaller than Tyrannosaurus, Tarbosaurus was one of the largest tyrannosaurids. Ranging from 10 to 12 meters in length and slightly less than Tyrannosaurus rex, it impressed with its measurements.

A powerful neck supported its large skull. Its posterior limbs were also powerfully built. It had only one drawback: its front limbs, which, like those of Tyrannosaurus rex, were tiny (the size of a human arm).

Its jaw was composed of 60 to 64 teeth, slightly more than Tyrannosaurus but less than smaller tyrannosaurids such as Gorgosaurus or Alioramus.

The most prolonged teeth were in the maxilla (the upper jaw bone), with crowns 85 millimeters long.

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