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Microraptor was one of the smallest dinosaurs that ever lived. It was related to Velociraptor and other Dromaeosaurs, a group of small, ferocious hunters. 

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Microraptor had long bird feathers on its arms and legs. However, unlike birds, the Microraptor’s wings were not large enough to support its weight and let it fly. 

It could only hover from branch to branch. It spent most of its time in the trees, hunting small prey such as lizards and mammals. Gliding also allowed him to escape from predators.

The name “Microraptor” and its origin are indeed quite discussed. The first description of the genus and the first specimen turned out to be a big scam. 

A kind of assemblage of several species of feathered dinosaurs passed to the USA for illegal resale was finally uncovered by a certain Xu Xing from the Institute of Paleontology in Beijing. 

Having discovered the rest of the specimen and the removed tail, only a few months later, he described the specimen and named it Microraptor Zhaoianus.

One of the most striking aspects of Microraptor is when it lived: in the early Cretaceous. It is about 130 to 125 million years ago in northeast China, or 20 to 25 million years after the Late Jurassic Archaeopteryx, the world’s most famous proto-bird. 

Microraptor has turned the world of paleontology on its head in another way: for years, it was believed that Jurassic Compsognathus was the world’s smallest dinosaur, weighing only about 2-3 kg. 

On the other hand, Microraptor has considerably lowered the bar of size and weight since Holtz, following an analysis of its fossil, estimated it to be 90cm long at the most for a weight of about 1 to 2.3 kg for an adult specimen. 

Some people are still not ready to classify this creature as a real dinosaur (using the same reasoning according to which they consider Archaeopteryx as the first bird, rather than what it is, a bird-like dinosaur).

It is now known that this dinosaur fed on mammals, birds, fish, and lizards, supporting the interpretation that it was an opportunistic predator.

The lizard is almost complete, which probably tells us that it was swallowed whole and head first, indicating to us without a doubt that Microraptor fed in a similar way to birds.

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