Fantastic Steampunk Coloring Pages Pdf

If the Victorian retro-futuristic aesthetics attracts you, but you are not quite sure yet. We suggest you color these cool Steampunk coloring pages.

If you are fascinated by retrofuturistic contexts and aesthetics, ‘steampunk’ stands out for showing us an alternative to those landscapes perhaps more traditional within the current of science fiction.

Free Steampunk Coloring Pages

Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction. Steampunk as a literary genre is relatively new. Its roots go back only to the 1970s, and it only acquired a name in 1987.

But the seeds of steampunk go back to the 19th century, when Jules Verne, HG Wells, Mary Shelley, and others wrote about steampunk-ish themes, paving the way for a variety of modern incarnations. 

It gradually gained prominence starting in the 1990s. It had very humble beginnings as a subgenre of science fiction. 

Today steampunk has become a cultural phenomenon that combines “a Victorian aesthetic and a punk-rock attitude,” influencing more than just the realm of literature.

Here the technology is based on steam power, without internal combustion engines, paving the way for the passage of sometimes highly advanced gadgets – mechanical computers, 22nd-century zeppelins, steam-powered hovercrafts, spring-loaded robots, weapons – that look with that very own aesthetic.

Also not left out are the costumes, in which glasses, hats, corsets, binoculars, and shoes adopt these forms, where it is widespread to see a mixture between past and future.

Although this aesthetics is often mentioned as “Victorian fantasy,”; it is not adequate to explain the whole extensive world of steampunk with that term.

Since it encompasses much more as in conflicts that reach from dystopian contexts, chronic (alternative realities from known historical facts), time travel, or apocalyptic wars, supported by steam-powered technology and driven by classic clockwork gears. 

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