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The military may have different occupations. Regardless of what their primary duties are, all military personnel train to enhance their combat skills. 

Printable Military Coloring Pages

Military personnel is trained to perform one of the many types of work that can be served in the military. 

Still, all military personnel is trained to enter combat and go to the battlefield at any point in their careers.

They correspond to those recruits, both men and women, who are part of the Army and the Air Force, and who serve under the ordinances such as the Constitution, the corresponding organic Law, and other rights or obligations that are established.

The services performed are mainly three: Weapon, Service, and Auxiliary, as established by Law.

That military personnel considered as Weapons mainly serve in Combat Units, for which they are duly prepared, from the perspective of commanding and leading these Units. 

For example, the Aviator Pilots who belong to the Air Force are military professionals of the Armed Forces.

The military, considered as Service, has the preparation to carry out the command and management of the Service Units and those technical activities of the Unit in charge.

Auxiliary military personnel performs more technical and professional functions within the Army and the Armed Forces.

In the case of the Armed and Service military, it is both a professional and permanent career.

Combat military members must be prepared to fight on the front lines. They also help keep the peace in places with warring conflicts and make sure that help gets where it is needed.

The military may be classified into small and large Units, from Squads, Companies, Battalions to Brigades or Divisions.

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