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This page will give you a collection of Dream Catcher Coloring Pages. You can choose your favorite colors to make them colorful. So, happy coloring.

Dreamcatchers are instruments of the power of shamanic medicine, whose origin goes back to the American Indian tribes. 

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Their hoop, traditionally made of willow wood, represents the wheel of life. The mesh or net is the dreams, longings, and illusions that we weave in the Dreamtime, in the soul, and in the movement that we generate with our daily activities. 

The void, the creative spirit, the “Great Mystery” is at the center of the net. According to tradition, dreamcatchers help keep good ideas and pleasant dreams with us and protect the one who possesses them. 

Good and bad energies influence Dreamtime; the latter is trapped by the web and dissipates through the central hole with the first rays of sunlight.

Let the spider’s web catch your good memories, and the bad ones pass through the hole in the center and fade away. Legend has it that there was a spider woman named Asibikaashi who watched over the people of the land. 

The spider woman watched over every creature in our world, bending over the cradles and beds of children while weaving a fine, delicate, and robust web that was able to trap all evil within its threads and make it vanish at dawn.

When her people dispersed throughout North America, it became tough to take care of all the children. Hence, mothers and grandmothers had to start weaving nets with magical properties that trap bad dreams and nightmares, thus protecting their children.

Traditionally, the Ojibwa built the dreamcatchers by tying willow strands around a circular ring of about 9 centimeters or teardrop-shaped, resulting in a web-like net, made in turn with nettle fiber dyed red.

The ancient Ojibwa Indian legend of the dreamcatchers speaks of dreams passing through the web, filtering and slipping good dreams through soft feathers until they reach us. 

Bad dreams, however, are caught in the web and die with the first beam of daylight. For the Lakota people of the Northern American Sioux tribe, however, dreamcatchers work differently. 

That is, nightmares pass through the web while dreams get caught in the threads and slip through the feathers to the sleeping person.

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