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On this page, you will find a collection of knight coloring pages. The following images are available at no charge. Please choose your favorite colors to make them live.

A knight is a person who rides a horse. Since, in ancient times, a person who rode a horse belonged to a specific social class, the concept acquired various connotations and meanings.

Knight Coloring Pages

In the Middle Ages, knighthood was an armed institution that served a king or feudal power. Knights, therefore, were warriors who rode horses and carried weapons such as spears or swords.

 For example: “King Edward’s knights approach the town”, “An enemy knight killed the prince”, “I will not let my daughter marry a knight of Bath”.

Knights usually received land or money in return for their service. Usually, the knight was a nobleman who started as a page and squire and was then promoted by his superiors to the knight.

 Upon attaining this rank, he had to swear an oath of allegiance and pledged to be courteous and brave. The knight, therefore, had to respect a code of conduct.

On the other hand, in medieval society, a knight enjoyed high status and often wealth. Knight was feared on the battlefield and known for his out-and-out chivalry, but it took a long time and much training to get there. 

Knight trained in the use of arms and horsemanship from childhood. A young man could be made a knight by the local feudal lord he served through exceptional bravery on the battlefield. 

Although, at least in later times, when European monarchs desperately needed funds and proper men for their armies, the position could be bought. 

In any case, the knight underwent an elaborate initiation ceremony, after which he was expected to uphold the chivalric traditions of his rank and bravely face the best equipped and most heavily armed opponents in battle, the knights of the enemy army.

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